OVGA Intersectionals

Men, Ladies & Senior ClubEG Teams.

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2020 Divisions & Dates


  • Sunday, July 5th, 2020
  • TBA
  • 10 players plus two alternates

Players must qualify for the Men's team; standard Stableford points with at least two qualifiers played

Men’s team qualifying events:

  • TBA at TBA (1pm, $TBA)
  • TBA at TBA (12pm, $TBA)
  • TBA at TBA (12:30pm, $TBA)


  • Sunday, July 12th, 2020
  • TBA
  • Seven players plus one alternate

There are no qualifiers required for the Ladies team; first-come first served


  • Tuesday, September 1st, 2020
  • TBA
  • 10 players plus two alternates

There are no qualifiers required for the Senior team; first-come first served

Event Details

  • Team members must have a Golf Canada Handicap account to be eligible
  • Players also need a ClubEG golf shirt in the team colour
  • There is a minimal a fee to play on a team
  • Full details will be explained to those who express interest in playing


  • Alternates play but points do not count
  • Two points per win, one per tie and zero per loss
  • Team with the most points wins and moves up a division for the following year
  • Team with the least amount of points moves down a division for the following year
  • Team that places second becomes the host course for the following year (we would wave this)

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2019 Results
Senior Intersectionals

2019: Senior / Section O
ClubEG (35) | Homestead at Wolf Ridge (20) | Roanoke (5)

Paul Davey, Greg McComb, Daniel Crepeau, Bob Pepin, Ted Leptick, Ron Bernard, Brian Kebic, Ruggles Pritchard, Sheldon Weatherstone, David Rutkay

Men's Intersectionals

2019: Men / Section O
Champlain (35) | ClubEG (32) | Vieux Moulins (29) | Larrimac (24)

Michel Simard, Travis Lyndon, Josh Roesler, Danny Sirois & Peter Tremblay

Ladies Intersectionals

2019: Ladies / Section J
ClubEG (39) | Mountain Creek (18) | Canadian (14) | Morrisburg (13)

Michele McNeill, Shari Johnson, Marie Lusson, Luci Leblanc, Joan Cunningham, Cheryl Hill, Sharon Windsor & Lee Zomer

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