ClubEG Junior Program

Free seven-day memberships, so juniors can play more golf than ever.

We are pleased to offer junior golfers complimentary Daily memberships — which allows them to play at 60+ courses at affordable rates — and at no charge at Champlain Golf Course on weekdays, and at no charge at Pine View after 2pm. Send an email to and we will reverse the play fee once a round is booked.

Tournaments for juniors — conducted by ClubEG

Instructional Partners

Junior Program Qualification Criteria & Rules

  • Eligible juniors must be 18 years of age or younger at the time of registration
  • Eligible juniors require a parent or guardian to oversee the junior’s account
  • All fees (green fees, entry fees, etc.) will be billed to the parent/guardian
  • Juniors must adhere to our code of conduct/etiquette

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