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SwingFit Golf

One golf community, all things performance.

SwingFit provides golfers with a holistic approach to improved performance. Work with the SwingFit team to identify your weaknesses, enhance physical abilities, improve technical mechanics and achieve sustainable results.


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ClubEG & SwingFit Member Perk

ClubEG members save 10% on all SwingFit golf instruction and performance conditioning services — and 100-Gamer Members can apply round credits to SwingFit services. See below for details.

Use promo code: CLUBEGMEMBER when registering for programs and/or services.
10% off private lessons, group lessons and clinics — and 10% off all training programs and services (personal training, online training, fitness classes/memberships, academy memberships & more)

SwingFit Mexico GolfAway

SwingFit Services

SwingFit provides golfers with access to various services and resources to help them achieve sustainable improvement. The team of industry professionals work alongside one another to ensure the golfer receives the proper care and support they need.

  • Extensive assessments (movement screens, flexibility testing, core evaluation and swing analysis)
  • Personal & Online Training
  • Group Training & Programs
  • Fitness Classes
  • Junior Development
  • Private Lessons & Group Instruction
  • Golf-Fitness Memberships
  • Therapy and Recovery Services

SwingFit Winter Golf Academy

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100-Gamer Members can now apply round credits to these SwingFit services.

Winter Golf Academy
Use round credits towards end-to-end game improvement solutions

Golf Fitness Online Class
One round credit each or a 10-pack for eight round credits

Yoga for Golfers Online Class
One round credit or 10-pack for 8 round credits

Three round credits

Golf Lesson
Two round credits or a 10-pack for 16 round credits

Class Membership
Four round credits per month

Online Training Membership
Two round credits per month

Contact SwingFit to redeem your 100-Gamer ClubEG round credits for any of the services above.


SwingFit: Golf performance and conditioning.

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