Sponsor of the Slammer Tour's Divot Golf Cup

Divot Golf

Golf apparel — built by golfers, for golfers.

Divot is a lfestyle-based golf company based in Ottawa for golfers aged five to 85 — in other words, all golfers — and their mission to have everyone enjoy the game as much as possible!

Divot Golf

Divot Golf Divot Golf

ClubEG, the Slammer Tour & Divot Golf

Divot is the proud sponsor of the Slammer Tour's Divot Golf Cup, which is awarded to the season's golfers with the highest birdie averages.

Hats and golf shirts from Divot

Look your absolute best while out on the golf course, just like Josh, Ryan and Josh.

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613-697-3118 or 613-281-6411
1884 Merivale Road, Unit 2 — Swinging Sticks

Divot Golf

Divot Golf: A cut above the rest.

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