Pace-Of-Play (POP) Tips

When it comes to pace-of-play, it's not about speed: it's about efficiency, and these tips will help you play more efficiently.


On the tee and in the fairway

  • Take note of your group's actual start time for your round and aim to finish in four hours
  • Always be aware of your group's pace-of-play status so you can fix it as soon as you fall out of position
  • Always keep up with the group ahead of you: you should have wait to hit shots when your pace-of-play is ideal
  • Never assess your pace-of-play based on the group behind you
  • Play ready-golf whenever possible
  • Remove driver headcover for the entire round
  • When multiple tee-blocks are being used in your group, be aware who's up when — and move forward as soon as those on the back tee have hit
  • If you're first to measure yardage on a par-three, share the info with fellow golfers
  • Start thinking about and planning your shot as you approach your ball
  • Have a quick (under 30-seconds) pre-shot routine and be ready to hit when it's your turn
  • Put your glove on while approaching your ball
  • Limit practice swings to one or two
  • Mark your scorecard after and/or while others are playing
  • All players should walk quickly and directly to their own ball
  • Minimize talk while approaching your shot
  • Measure yardage and plan your next shot while others are hitting
  • When playing in a powercart, one player should be dropped off at their bal so the other player can proceed to their ball
  • Proceed to next shot before cleaning clubs
  • Choose appropriate time for beverage cart purchases.

Around the green

  • Begin planning your shot and/or putt while approaching the green
  • Place your cart/bag/clubs between the green and your next tee
  • If you're on the fringe or in the green-side rough, take whatever clubs you might need to the green so you won't have to walk back to your bag
  • When in a bunker, take your club and the rake into the bunker so you can rake it as you leave
  • Make sure you have already planned your shot or putt by the time it's your turn to play
  • When possible, putt out rather than marking your ball
  • Announce your score as you remove your ball from the hole

Now get out there and enjoy a four-hour round of golf!

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